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Fan Page Domination Review – Scam or Legit?

This review will answer all your questions regarding Fan Page Domination and help you to decide if it’s the right fit for you.

What is Fan Page Domination?
Fan Page Domination is a course that teaches you how to build and monetize fan pages on facebook. It includes some of the most fun and rewarding ways to make money online doing what you love. The Program has been created by Anthony Morrison, a highly successful internet marketer. He is the owner of a company called Morrison Publishing, which also manages the deliveries and subscription of his course.

What does the course contain?
The program includes LOTS of bonuses but first we will focus on the core training, which is divided into 4 stages:
Stage 1: Create a page! The first phase involves creating a hugely popular fan page. Anthony talks about how to choose a suitable topic, creating autoresponders, creating interesting surveys to drive user engagement and so on. This is the foundation of your business.

Stage 2: Build and Grow! In this phase, you will learn how to grow your page without spending a lot of money on advertising. The course triggers you to think from the fans’ perspective and answers questions like – What do fans want? Why should they like your page? It includes secrets of going viral, creating content the moves fans emotionally – memes, jokes, funny posts etc. All this probably doesn’t sound like much to you. However, don’t be fooled. The course is NOT filled with just general information. It contains all the insider tricks that will help you to DOMINATE your niche! For example: This phase contains a separate module on just posting. The module reveals posting techniques that will increase views by a THOUSAND times!

Stage 3: Scale and Launch! This phase includes some extremely specialized info on scaling traffic to insane levels. One of the techniques mentioned in this module was used to gather a staggering 50,000 email addresses in just 30 days. Anthony also discusses the power of the facebook live feature – he reveals the formula that he used to get 300,000 people to watch him live on facebook, simultaneously.

Stage 4: Monetize and Profit! Well, its great to have hundreds of thousands of subscribers and fans. But how exactly does all this translate into a flooded bank account? Anthony uncovers a treasure trove of easy to implement monetization techniques. He even talks about how you can make a fortune simply by selling advertising on your fan page.

The program contains several other bonuses. These include: a case study that consist of 8 videos, fan explosion software, an already set-up facebook fan page for you, students Q and A, live training with Anthony, niche research and a LOT more.

The bottom line: With a little under 2 billion active users, facebook is an absolute diamond mine. Fan Page Domination gives you the power to mine and polish these diamonds and sell them for monumental sums of money. We definitely recommend it!